Speed Up Your Ecwid Store: An In-depth Ecwid Speed Optimization Guide

Imagine you are digitally purchasing a product on the Ecwid store, but the website takes time to load. It will be frustrating. Right? Despite the website being well established and known, it will drop visitors’ curiosity, and SEO ranking will be affected automatically.

Thus, if you are experiencing the same issues and looking for an ideal solution then Ecwid Speed Optimization might come up as the ideal solution. In this guide, we will discuss everything related to Ecwid, which includes everything about it, like its benefits, the best plan, features, and finally, how to optimize your Ecwid speed.

So let’s start with what Ecwid is and how it works!

1. Introduction To Ecwid

Ecwid [stands for ECommerce and WIDgets], an online marketing platform enabling medium, small, and startups to start their business online. Ecwid serves as a moderator between sellers and buyers. People consider it a reliable choice because it provides numerous benefits and features like offering an all-time free plan, doesn’t cost of any transaction and setup fees, Save Favorite Products, selling on Multiple Sites, and Inventory Tracking, also it is preferred by thousands of sellers worldwide, and, most significantly, a wise chosen platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Features Offered by Ecwid

Here, we have mentioned the most critical features of Ecwid that attract merchants from different nations.

  • Automatic Updates
  • Smart Shipping Calculator
  • Boost Sales
  • Sell Digital Goods
  • Save Favorite Products
  • Customer Address Book
  • Accept Payments
  • Language Detection
  • Manage Product Options
  • Customizable Design Schemes
  • Easy Checkout
  • Define Shipping Options

These are the prime features which are offered by Ecwid, along with numerous benefits.

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3. Benefits of Using the Ecwid Platform

Ecwid provides multiple advantages that will help you throughout your business journey. Therefore, in this section, we have mentioned some of the superior pros of Ecwid.

  • Suitable to build a business digitally: With this, you don’t have to use another platform to create an ecommerce website. With some clicks, you can develop your desired customized digital store.
  • Quick installing: As mentioned above, you can create your store on the existing website you already use, and it doesn’t require an expert to start with. By having minimal knowledge of Javascript and HTML lines, you can create an Ecwid store by yourself.
  • High Rate of Sale: You can add your Ecwid store to all your websites or blogs. It will automatically adapt the pattern and design of different sites and will fit accordingly. When people visit your respective sites, they can purchase or learn about the products and services you sell and can also buy from the same website.
  • Payment pattern: Primarily, there are two ways of payment- A subscription and a one-time fee. In the subscription, your fee will be paid on an available timeline daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Conversely, in a one-time payment, your consumer will pay you once to avail of all the services.
  • Multilingual Directory: This is a remarkable feature of Ecwid, where sellers can resonate well with their consumers by providing services in their familiar or local language.
  • Customize features: You can design your store as per your preference using CSS or built-in settings. Otherwise, you can add an app from the Ecwid app market to get more command on your store.
  • Advertisement on multiple platforms: Marketing is key to generating high revenue. So, it’s important to expand your reach over well-established platforms. Likewise, in Ecwid, you can market your store on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other media platforms.
  • POS: POS stands for point of sale, where merchants sell products in person. It creates a sync between your physically located store and ecommerce. Using this, you can manage your staff details, inventory, orders, and payments.
  • WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Wix are some of the known platforms with which you can connect your Ecwid store.
  • Third-party applications, CDN, along with compression of videos and images are the effective practices that boost Ecwid website loading speed.

Hence, there are multiple plans that are offered by Ecwid according to your needs and want.

4. Plans Offered by Ecwid

Ecwid offers two different plans; the first is free services, where you can access the basic services for free. The second one is a subscription-based plan where you will get high-quality and advanced features. This plan is divided into three parts according to its cost.

  • Venture
  • Business
  • Unlimited

After getting to know what Ecwid is and its benefits, may you have come up with a query on Ecwid Speed Optimization.

5. What is Ecwid Speed Optimization?

Speed optimization refers to the ways to speed up the loading speed of your website. Likewise, a website speed booster helps you enhance your store’s loading speed.

Ecwid speed optimization is a way to speed up your Ecwid store loading speed. By employing various techniques like image compression, server optimization, minification, caching, etc., you can create a seamless experience for your buyers.

Accordingly, here is the information about Ecwid Speed Optimization methods or how to efficiently boost website performance.

6. Methods For Ecwid Speed Optimization

Here are the steps you can follow to optimize your Ecwid platform.

1. CDN: You can use CDN to boost your website speed. It stands for content delivery system, which will deliver your content worldwide using a proxy server. Cloudflare and Fastly are free CDNs that can speed up the speed of a website. On the contrary, Ecwid provides this facility only to its paid users.

2. Refine Site Images: You can also compress the images you have posted on your website to boost their speed. Various apps, including Imagify and Crush Pics, provide features to enhance the visibility of your pictures and improve their loading speed. In Ecwid, you can upload images with sizes up to 20MB, and the app will compress them independently.

3. Third-party application: Some products require a dummy or explanation to know the service better. So, in this case, you have to show them your service with a clear resolution in video format. Ecwid has a feature to showcase the video clip, but for this, first, you have to upload your video to a third-party app like Youtube, Instagram, and Vimeo. After that, click on the share icon and copy the URL or code; now, open your Ecwid store; In the product description, click on the HTML option and enter the embed code. This one is a good way for Ecwid speed optimization.

4. Hide product categories within the widget: Visible product categories perhaps slow down the loading speed. So, just create categories and display specific products based on their classes. It will help you in testing that all products are shown in the right position. Here are the steps to turn off product categories:

  • On the home page, click on the Store Design widget.
  • Next, choose the config or sprocket option, and click on edit HTML/CSS from the menu.
  • Therefore, please copy and paste the code into the widget’s CSS section.

5. Browser caching plugins or software: Ecwid has a limited slant to web plugins but has built-in caching. Many caching plugins are available, including Litespeed, that automatically compress CSS, Javascript, and HTML code.

6. Utilize a hosting service with speedy servers: E-commerce sites like Woocommerece allow the flexibility to rely on hosting companies for your server speed. But in Ecwid, the server is managed by its hosting, which speeds up your site. In a situation where you face any trouble, simply contact the Ecwid support team. These practices will boost Ecwid loading speed.

7. Only use authorized applications: First, check the validity and authorization of the app and plugins you want to use for any purpose, including customization of your store, etc. Before installing, ensure these applications or plugins don’t affect your website’s loading speed. Instead of this, you can use custom codes for minor tweaks.

8. Use optimized coding themes: Themes that need to be coded better can become a drawback to the site’s performance. Always use pieces that are well-coded.

9. Remove items that are not being used: Similar to a fungus that spoils the space and junk the furniture. Many items, applications, images, videos, gifts, etc., that we don’t regularly use fill up the space and hinder the site’s loading speed. So, delete them from your store or reinstall them when required.

10. limit the number of webpage redirects: Redirect means you have added the URL of different pages on your website, so users can easily redirect to them. Additionally, adding extensive backlinks may hinder your website’s performance, so try to insert minimum links.

These are the only ways for Ecwid Speed Optimization. There are many causes that influence the functionality of your website; this can be a server error, store theme, etc.

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7. Elements that Influence Website Speed

Besides location, digital issues, and users’ devices, many other factors hinder website loading speed.

  • High-resolution image and video: Using high high-dimension video or images can become an obstacle for your Ecwid Speed Optimization. So compress the size of products’ pictures and videos to make them load faster.
  • Specialized applications: Adding ultra-advanced features to your site, like popups, live chats, etc., can break the smooth functioning of your website.
  • Pedestrian traffic: When large-scale traffic reaches your website at the same time, it can slow down the performance of your website.
  • Server error: The server’s infrastructure can damage the website’s performance. Therefore, Ecwid works with experts to resolve server issues and provide services worldwide.
  • Store theme: Using optimized themes with numbers of code can create errors in the loading process.

These are the main obstacles that create chaos for your website loading. In addition, Ecwid minimizes these errors and maintains a smooth flow. Additionally, if you have tried all the mentioned methods and are still looking for a smart solution to solve your Ecwid Speed Optimization issue, you can opt for a reliable method.

8. Smart Way for Ecwid Speed Optimization With Website Speedy

Website Speedy is a SaaS-based website speed optimization tool you can rely on for Ecwid speed optimization that provides comprehensive benefits like easy integration, improved core web vitals, monitoring, reporting, etc. This tool is known for enhancing a website’s loading speed. Our tool provides an option to test your website speed and avail the speed optimization features of it, seven days for free.

9. How to Speed up Ecwid Site Speed Easily with the Help of Website Speedy

Moreover, these are the steps for Ecwid Speed Optimization with WebsiteSpeedy.

  • Click on the Login button and Sign Up
  • Fill in the basic details and create an account
  • Start By Confirming Your current Page Speed
  • Click Generate Script Button To Generate Loading Speed Script
  • Install The Loading Speed Enhance Script
  • Analyze The Updated Speed
  • Add Parameters To Improve Website Speed Further
  • You all Done


In conclusion, HubSpot speed optimization plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience, increasing website performance, and improving search engine rankings. By implementing the actionable tips discussed in this guide, such as optimizing images, reducing HTTP requests, and leveraging browser caching, businesses can significantly improve their website speed in HubSpot.

It is important to regularly monitor and analyze website performance to identify areas for improvement and stay up-to-date with HubSpot’s speed optimization features. Ongoing optimization will ensure that your website remains fast and efficient, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience and ultimately driving better results for your business.

Discover Website Speedy, the ultimate platform for optimizing your Hubspot speed. Maximize your website’s performance with Website Speedy today!

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