What Is The Best Way To Speed Up HubSpot Websites?

1. Introduction

HubSpot is a sales, service, and marketing platform that assists businesses in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing and retaining customers. It does this with a single source of truth, an intuitive user interface, and a uniform codebase.

HubSpot helps businesses manage their advertising, revenue generation, customer service, and operations initiatives more effectively. Therefore, if your store is established on this platform, you might be looking for ways to fix its slow loading speed. Thus, in this blog, we will explore multiple ways to optimize HubSpot page speed.

2. Techniques To Improve HubSpot Store Loading Speed

These are the strategies that you can use to enhance your website loading speed by reducing the time.

Use A Content Delivery Network With Image Optimization:

Image size is important when it comes to website speed. Large picture files can eat up important bandwidth, causing website loading delays. HubSpot CMS offers a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) with built-in image optimization and automated WebP conversion to assist. This effective combination optimizes picture delivery while also improving website speed.

The CDN speeds up static file delivery by keeping cached copies in many server locations across the world. HubSpot’s image optimization compresses photos upon upload, lowering file sizes without sacrificing quality.

Furthermore, the automated WebP conversion guarantees that images are delivered with smaller file sizes. These enhancements allow the HubSpot CMS to deliver quicker load times and a better user experience.

Using HTTP2 to its Full Potential:

Traditional HTTP/1.1, while functional, has limitations when it comes to meeting the demands of current websites. HubSpot CMS makes use of HTTP2 to improve page performance and overall website efficiency.

By utilizing sophisticated HTTP2 capabilities, HubSpot CMS reduces end-user perceived latency, optimizes network and server resource use, and improves page loading times.

Several files can be loaded simultaneously over a single HTTP2 connection, eliminating multiple round trips and reducing total load time.

This allows users to browse more smoothly and quickly, ensuring that your website distributes material properly and keeps visitors engaged.

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Minification of JavaScript and CSS files:

JavaScript and CSS minification to make your code more streamlined Every bit counts when it comes to optimizing the page performance of your website.

HubSpot CMS simplifies website speed optimization by automatically minifying JavaScript and CSS files. HubSpot eliminates extraneous spaces, line breaks, and comments from your code when you use the design manager or submit files using the CLI.

This technique minimizes file sizes, resulting in quicker web page load times. Minification removes unnecessary characters and whitespace, which improves transmission efficiency and display performance.

Your JavaScript and CSS files become slim and optimized. HubSpot’s automated minification improves the overall user experience.

Browser and server caching for improved performance:

The HubSpot CMS may improve page performance by exploiting server and browser caching. Caching is the technique of temporarily storing copies of frequently visited resources like photos, CSS files, and JavaScript scripts.

This enables subsequent requests for the same resources to be provided from the cache rather than from the server. As a consequence, loading speeds are faster, and the browsing experience is more smooth.

Pre-fetching increases page load speed:

HubSpot offers a wonderful tool called prerendering that may help you optimize your online presence’s page speed as well as safety. With HubSpot’s automated prerendering feature, you can build static copies of your pages and more. This improves not just the speed of your website’s page load but also its security, making your visitors pleased!

One of the most notable benefits of prerendering is the effect it has on page load speed. Whenever an individual asks for a website that includes a prerendered static version accessible, HubSpot can deliver that static version instantly rather than doing the server-side processes required to build the page dynamically.

Url rewriting: improving your links:

When a visitor views a web page on your site, their browser must do a DNS query to determine the relevant server IP address. This step takes time and contributes to the total loading time of the page. Furthermore, establishing connections with several domains lengthens the loading process since each connection takes time to create.

HubSpot CMS has a function called domain rewriting, which helps to improve page performance. Domain rewriting reduces the number of domains utilized on your website, resulting in fewer DNS lookups and connections and better loading speeds.

With HubSpot’s AMP support, you can optimize mobile:

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format is a magic light when it comes to providing a lightning-fast and flawless mobile experience. With HubSpot’s AMP support, you can provide your visitors with a boombasting mobile experience, ensuring that your content loads swiftly and effectively.

The AMP format was created primarily to improve the efficiency of handheld internet pages. It focuses on offering an optimized version of what you produce that loads almost instantly on mobile devices.

You may drastically improve the loading time of your mobile-specific content by employing AMP, giving your users a pleasant and interesting browsing experience.

Lazy loading implementation: load wisely, run well:

Lazy loading is a good method for improving your website’s speed and performance. Instead of loading all of the material at once, lazy loading loads it dynamically as the user scrolls down the page.

This method dramatically decreases initial load time and enhances the overall user experience. Lazy loading ensures that only the photos, videos, and other components visible on the user’s screen are loaded at first.

Users will be able to begin interacting with your website more immediately by utilizing HubSpot CMS’s lazy loading function, decreasing the danger of excessive bounce rates while maintaining their interest for a longer amount of time.

With lazy loading, you achieve a balance between visually appealing content and ideal page performance, leading to an improved total viewing experience for your users.

Speed Optimization Tool

Apart from manual hassle, there are numerous speed optimization tools. These tools are primarily used and designed to boost e-commerce store loading speed and fix all the major issues. As we know, there are multiple like Website Speedy, Nitropack, and more.

Utilize the one that suits your budget and requirements.

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Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are the four metrics that decide and show the performance of your eCommerce website. These important metrics are the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), which checks how fast a website’s content loads. Second is First Input Delay (FID), which measures how fast a website responds to user clicks. Third is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS); this ensures that website content and other elements don’t move unnecessarily.

The last is Interaction to Next Paint (INP), which measures the responsiveness of your website to the user’s website and the time it takes a page to reply to the initial input after a user activity, such as clicking a link or button.

By focusing on these things, you can quickly fix HubSpot core web vitals. Additionally, you can enhance your website speed and reduce its loading time.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the ways to optimize your website speed in simple steps. We have mentioned different useful techniques that can enhance your HubSpot loading speed and overall performance.

Also, to avoid any page-related and speed issue, you can use a HubSpot page speed optimization tool, like Website Speedy, the best speed optimization and improvement tool that enhance the website speed instantly.

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