Make Your Wix Website Faster for Big Results!


Website speed is how fast a page loads when you click a link or type a URL. If it’s slow, users get unhappy, and your website loses visitors. Slow speed means less people buy or visit, and Google ranks it lower. Most owners want a speed under 2 seconds. 47% of users expect that. If you also have a query on how to make the Wix website load faster, consider the browser, internet speed, and server quality.

This helps info reach users quickly and keeps them happy. Wix is a widely used and well-known eCommerce platform that provides your brand with extensive reach, growth, and sales. Thus, this blog will help you how to make my Wix website load faster

How To Measure Wix Store Speed

To improve Wix’s speed, there are multiple digital tools available, like Google PageSpeed Insights, a trusted tool that not only reveals your site’s speed but also helps fix issues. Its simple interface and scoring system make it easy.

Pingdom Testing Tool is another great option, allowing tests from different locations and providing detailed reports. With its 24/7 accessibility, it’s a handy tool to boost your website’s load speed.

Thus, you can utilize these tools to measure your Wix store loading speed.

Make Your Wix Website Faster for Big Results!

Speed Up Your Wix Store Now

How To Make The Wix Website Load Faster

Here are the top strategies to speed up the Wix website.

Optimize Wix Features

To make your Wix website better, check out its features. Wix has tools for optimization, like SEO Wiz. With this, you don’t need to set up SEO on your own. Follow the easy guide to adjust settings for a great project. You can add meta tags, links, and more. Also, connect Google Analytics for better stats.

Smartly Use Wix App Market

Use the Wix App Market wisely for a faster website. Avoid too many apps on one page, like gallery, payment, events, store, booking, design, blog, and videos. This makes your site load slowly due to more scripts and CSS. If you must use many apps, place them at the bottom. Top content loads first, so users see it first, giving time for bottom content to load.

Make Your Website Page Structure Clean

Wix is great because it gives ready templates for websites. It has plugins and things for different topics, making sites work well. But, too many fancy things can slow it down. Fancy widgets are like codes that make the site slow.

Complicated apps need a lot from the server, making it slow for users. So, on how to improve Wix site speed, it’s best to keep it simple for a good website without problems.

Don’t Put Too Many Iframes on One Page

Avoid using too many iFrames on one page because it slows down your website. iFrames act like separate pages, and each one adds load time. For example, if you put several framed pages on a single page, the overall speed decreases, making users uncomfortable. This can lead to them leaving your site, and Google may reduce your site’s value. Instead, use grids for a responsive page without separate designs for mobile and desktop to maintain a faster, user-friendly website.

Optimize Images On Your Wix Site

Boost your Wix website’s speed by optimizing images. Start by choosing the right format (.jpg for photos, .png for transparency). Adjust image dimensions for online use, customizing Wix background image size. Use compression tools like TinyPNG or JPEGmini to compress file sizes without compromising quality. Revise your saving strategy by focusing on optimized resolutions. Set a 100KB file size limit for images to enhance loading speed. Regularly audit and adjust images to keep up with your site’s changing needs.

Eliminate Using Numerous Visual Effects

To make your website better, don’t use too many fancy effects. The internet changes a lot, and websites try new things to be interesting. Wix, a website builder, does this too. It has animations to make your site look cool. But don’t overdo it. People won’t like a site with too much moving stuff. Keep it simple and cool. Simple things make users happy. Let them find what they want easily. Avoid lots of colorful ads that might annoy them, its crucial for Wix website speed optimization.

Simplify Wix Website

Make the Wix website faster by simplifying code. Use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to make CSS and JavaScript files smaller. Another tip is to use a CDN, like Cloudflare or Amazon’s AWS, to host your website’s files on servers worldwide. This helps users download files faster from nearby servers. Also, disable unnecessary features and plugins in Wix settings to speed up your site. For mobile speed, ensure responsive design, optimize media for mobile, and prioritize important content for faster loading on smartphones and tablets.

Utilize Wix Mobile Editor

If your Wix website is slow on your phone, try using the Wix Mobile Editor. It helps make your site load faster on mobiles. Nowadays, more people check websites on their phones. Phones show websites differently, and if your site isn’t ready for phones, it can be slow. Use Wix’s mobile editor. It creates a special phone-friendly version. This means less work for your phone, making your site load faster on mobiles.

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Have A Cool Homepage

Your website’s main page, or homepage, is super important, it plays a vital role in speeding up the Wix site. It’s like the front door for visitors. If it’s slow to load, people might leave before seeing your stuff. So, make it fast! Use smaller images and videos, or optimize them. Use tricks like browser caching and CDN to speed things up. Don’t overload with plugins. Check its speed with tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. A quick homepage makes visitors happy and helps your site show up better in search engines.

Create Simple Header

Creating a good website header is important for a fast and easy experience. The header is the first thing people see, so it affects what they think and do on the site. To make it fast, include only necessary things like a small logo and a simple navigation menu. Also, show important information and a clear action if needed. Make sure the header works well on different screens. A good header makes people like your site and want to explore more.

Minimize The Use Of Third Party Scripts

On how to make the Wix website load faster, it’s important to not use too many extra scripts from other websites. These scripts help with things like advertising or tracking visitors. But, if there are too many, they can make your store slow. Some scripts may also have code that slows down your site. So, instead of removing all the scripts, use them wisely. Only keep the important ones, and use tricks like putting them at the end of the page to make your store load faster. Wix has built-in tools that work well without slowing down your site.

Allow The Caching Of Static Pages On Wix

Make your website faster with Wix by turning on the cache option in settings. This helps load your pages quickly. Remember, caching works best for sites with fixed content that doesn’t change often. Avoid using it for dynamic data or sending requests to other sites. Adjust the cache update frequency for better results. Keep your site speedy by enabling caching for static content pages through Wix’s user-friendly settings.


Therefore, this blog is a reliable solution to speed up the Wix store. By performing the above-discussed tips, you can improve the Wix site loading speed and optimize it for better performance. Also, to make your Wix site faster, use professional tools like Website Speedy, a SaaS-based solution to all the speed and Core Web Vitals-related issues. Website Speedy performs multiple tasks and enhances your Wix faster.

We hope this guide helps you in boosting your website speed and provides you with a great solution.

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