9 BigCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques


BigCommerce is a widely known and popular e-commerce platform that helps brands create, design, optimize, and market their business on this platform. With BigCommerce, you can easily manage multiple tasks at once. Grow, design, and build your store on this platform to make it an exceptional website.

In today’s world, it is crucial to optimize your e-commerce store to boost the visitors into potential customers who recognize the brand and want to turn into loyal consumers. A high conversion rate means a successful brand and more sales. Therefore, BigCommerce conversion optimization is a must for your store.

You can attract visitors but can’t force them to buy from your site. That’s why it is crucial that your website serves users with everything necessary to convince them to stay and buy the product.

Research shows that 80% of consumers are always in browsing mode and are not serious and convenient about considering a purchase. Thus, by optimizing your website for conversion rate, you can improve your store’s overall performance.

Thus, in this blog, we will explore multiple BigCommerce conversion optimization techniques that can boost your sales.

Multiple BigCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Here, we will explore the top and best e-commerce conversion rate optimization methods that can be performed manually.

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Optimizing Website Speed

The first and foremost task is to optimize your BigCommerce store speed. It can be done by fixing BigCommerce core web vitals. The loading speed of any e-commerce store matters a lot; you can not neglect it. Improving store speed is crucial for multiple reasons, such as high sales, revenue, user experience, and more.

Also, we know that first impression matters a lot. That’s why fixing loading speed is a must for a high conversion rate. To solve this issue, just include a CDN (content delivery network) in your store. It reduces the time a website takes to load on visitors’ devices fully.

Also, leverage caching strategies that include caching static content of the website, like visuals, CSS, JavaScript, and other files. By optimizing these elements, the store automatically starts loading faster than before.

Ensure that the first CTA on each of your top five pages is displayed

For your online store to succeed, make sure your call-to-action (CTA) is visible on crucial pages like the homepage or product pages. Use dynamic heatmaps to find the effective fold, where 50% of visitors scroll. If your CTA isn’t in this zone, rearrange your page for better visibility and more conversions.

By customizing your call to action, you can make it more visible to the user’s eyes. Also, the CTA should be placed clearly in the important parts of the website that convey the message directly to the visitors.

Add High-Quality Visual And Videos

When you shop online, you can’t feel or try things on. To help customers know exactly what they’re buying, use good pictures or videos on the product pages. Clear visuals make it easier for people to imagine the product, boosting the chances they’ll buy it.

Additionally, the quality of your website images should be superior and easily show all the angles of the product, and they can feel how it will look on them and how to use it.

Have reasonable pricing

Keep your prices affordable if you offer products under well-known brands that are also sold by others. Check and change prices often to attract consumers’ attention via sales or discounts. Good marketing and pictures affect what people pay. Advertise to the right people with the right messages and images, and you’ll make more money. Customers will come back to your store when they realize that you are selling goods at fair costs.

Decide which form section is most challenging for you

Forms play a big role in turning website visitors into customers, but many optimization plans overlook them. Modern tools analyze forms, highlighting issues. It is important to check a Field Time report to find the slowest field; if it’s naturally time-consuming, move to the next. This is essential for BigCommerce speed optimization.

Additionally, discover which field causes the most form abandonment. Even small tweaks to high-abandonment fields boost conversions. Lastly, watch for fields with high repeat entries.

This signals unclear instructions or too much info requested. Thus, improve your form with these reports. Consider removing or breaking up complex fields into smaller sections to create a simpler, more user-friendly interface.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Checkout is a critical point in online shopping where many customers bail. A study found that over half drop out before even finishing the first step. To prevent this, consider these simple ideas:

Guest Checkout:

  • Skip forcing customers to create an account.
  • Provide a guest checkout option for those not ready to commit.
  • Show security seals during checkout to reassure customers that their data is safe.

Payment Options:

  • Offer various payment methods, like PayPal and major credit cards, for convenience.
  • Address common questions about products, shipping, returns, and warranties.
  • Build trust by being transparent.

Clear Pricing: Be upfront about costs, taxes, and shipping details. Avoid surprising customers with extra charges. Additionally, it saves consumers time and money by automatically entering the details they have previously provided.

Mandatory Fields: Clearly mark required fields with an asterisk (*) for a smoother user experience. Additionally, provide visual validation (like checkmarks) when users complete each step correctly.

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Organize your website such that products are easily found by consumers.

Logically arrange the products area of your website to make it easier for clients to locate what they’re looking for quickly. Use a rotating banner to highlight top products and add a search bar for easy navigation.

Remember, the faster visitors find what they want, the more likely they are to make a purchase. By following this method, you can boost your website sales and conversion rate.

Permit user feedback and provide product recommendations

Many customers choose Etsy because of the reviews people leave for products. In online shopping, these reviews are super important. They tell customers if a business is accurate and successful. Good reviews can make a business successful, while bad ones can break it.

To get positive reviews, you can give customers a discount for their next purchase as a thank you. For service businesses, having customers talk about why they picked you and the good things they got shows others that your business can be trusted.

Customizing the Purchase Process

Personalization and customization are powerful tools in e-commerce businesses that have the potential to boost website conversion rates and speed consumer loyalty. By segmenting your consumers’ data and their interaction with your store, you can tailor your visitors’ shopping experience and make it more personalized.

For this, you can collect previous data and browser history to customize their recommendations. Also, you can send personalized emails to your customers with product recommendations. Additionally, say thank you to them for ordering the product and sorry for any inconvenience they had.

Thus, these are the top eCommerce conversion and optimization techniques. Consequently, you have to fix BigCommerce core web vitals to enhance your site loading speed as well as conversion rate.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the techniques to boost the BigCommerce conversion rate. Additionally, we explained each strategy in detail to help you with the optimization process.

Also, suppose you want to boost your sales instantly. In that case, you can opt for a BigCommerce speed optimization tool that improves conversion rate, like Website Speedy, a SaaS-based speed optimization tool.

Website Speedy is designed to enhance an eCommerce store’s loading speed in seconds. To check this tool’s authentication and results, you can check their website’s case study and client testimonials to satisfy yourself.

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