How To Enhance The Loading Speed Of My BigCommerce Store?

1. Introduction

BigCommerce is a platform that allows you to create, manage, and develop online stores. It helps businesses in customizing and developing their digital shop in the way they want. It involves things like customizing the theme, template, product integration, and more.

By doing this work, your store will look pleasing and work effortlessly across all the platforms. Additionally, you need to know that by doing this, you can improve the overall performance and user experience on your website.

Apart from the other aspects, the speed of your store contains essential importance. You can not ignore it. The speed at which your website load or appear is an important factor that impacts the other components of your website. Thus, to make your task easy and simple, we are with this write-up. In this blog, we will explore different ways to do the task of BigCommerce site speed optimization, which contains ways to boost the website speed.

2. Multiple Ways To Fix Slow Website Issues

Here, we will mention the ways to fix the slow website speed error and make it load instantly by improving your website speed.

Image Compression:

Reduce image file sizes without compromising quality using online tools or plugins. Compressing the images on your website is a must. When your website has large images, it will slow down the content load in the user’s browser. Thus, by compressing the image size on your website, you can easily improve the loading speed.

Minimize HTTP Requests:

Reduce the number of elements on your web pages, such as scripts and stylesheets, to minimize HTTP requests. Reducing the HTTP requests on your BigCommerce website is important; with it, you will experience an enhanced browsing and performance experience.

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Enable Browser Caching:

Instruct browsers to store certain resources, like images, so they don’t need to be reloaded every time a visitor comes back to your site. When you add browser caching on your website, your store’s important elements will load instantly.

Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN):

Utilize CDNs to store copies of your website in multiple locations worldwide, ensuring faster loading times for users regardless of their location. By incorporating CDN in your BigCommerce store, your website will load instantly because the content will load from the network near the user server.

Optimize Server Performance:

Choose a reliable hosting provider and consider upgrading your hosting plan if your website receives high traffic. Thus, choose a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider. Your website server performance is important to your store loading speed. This is the way to boost website speed.

Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML:

Remove unnecessary spaces and characters from your code to reduce file sizes. By reducing the unrequired spacing and other things, your website will experience a high weight that helps it to improve website performance.

Reduce Redirects:

Minimize the use of redirects as they increase loading time. If possible, link directly to the final URL. By reducing the URL redirects, you will ensure that your store is performing well.

Browser Rendering Optimization:

Organize your HTML to load content progressively, allowing users to view the page even before all elements have fully loaded. Thus, it loads the important content first, and when the user scrolls down, the rest of the content appears.

Enable Gzip Compression:

Compress your website files using Gzip to reduce the amount of data transferred between the server and the user’s browser. With the file compression, you will be able to reduce their size and loading time. Additionally, it contributes to decreasing the high loading time.

Use Asynchronous Loading:

It is a technique in which users don’t have to wait to see the full website. With asynchronous loading, the essential elements and parts of your website load first, then the others. In this, your website will be divided into different parts, and when the user visits the website, some parts load first while others are downloaded.

Optimize CSS Delivery:

Place CSS in the document head and JavaScript at the end of the body to ensure faster rendering. With this, you will be able to fix website speed issues. Also, it is crucial for optimal performance.

Reduce Server Response Time:

Optimize your server configuration and database queries to minimize the time it takes for the server to respond to requests. By reducing the website server response time, your consumer will be able to see your BigCommerce store instantly.

Optimize Database:

To optimize your database it is important to remove certain things such as unnecessary data, comments, and other things. Reduce all the codes, space, and other things that you don’t need anymore, and make your website excel in terms of performance.

Lazy Load Images:

Load images only when they are about to become visible to the user, improving starting page load times. It is a smart technique where the image loads when the user scrolls to it. When the user visits that section, the image starts loading. It is a good way to enhance BigCommerce conversion optimization.

Implement Expires Headers:

It is a process of setting a specific timeline for how long your website content will remain downloaded on your user browser. By doing this, the user will be able to access the content without downloading it again and when the user visits in a particular timeframe.

Use Lightweight Plugins:

Choose plugins that are well-coded and lightweight to avoid adding unnecessary bulk to your website. Thus, removing unnecessary elements and things is crucial to improve the website’s speed.

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Optimize External Scripts:

By optimizing the external scripts, such as social media plugins, ads, and other applications, you will upgrade the speed of your website. It is like checking the performance of all the parts of a machine to check their working.

Monitor Your Site Regularly:

Use website speed testing tools to identify issues and regularly monitor your site’s performance. Continued monitoring of your website performance is important. It will help you to know in which area your efforts are lacking and how to fix them for BigCommerce speed optimization.

Optimize Your Content Management System (CMS):

If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, keep it updated, and use optimized themes and plugins. It is a way to optimize your website and make it look well-maintained and optimized. It is like placing the most important thing on the first shelve.

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

For mobile users, consider implementing AMP to create faster-loading versions of your web pages. With AMP, your website will load faster on mobile devices. It is a magic process that opens the main door of speed and accelerates your BigCommerce business performance.

Thus, these are the best BigCommerce speed optimization strategies. By implementing them in a proper manner, you will experience enhanced performance.


In this blog, we have explained the ways to boost BigCommerce conversion optimization, which means the techniques to improve website speed. Also, we mentioned the importance of the BigCommerce platform.

Doing all these tasks on your own is a bit difficult; you will need assistance in many ways. There are multiple website speed optimization tools available in the market. But Website Speedy is the best SaaS-based tool that improves BigCommerce website speed and performance. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for enhancing all types of ecommerce website speed.

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