What Are the Top Strategies for Boosting BigCommerce Conversion Rates?

1. Introduction

Are you struggling with slow conversion? Not anymore; we are here for you. Website conversion is something that makes your brand stand out and profitable in the user browser. There are many strategies and techniques that help the brand reach out to the broader audience and stay ahead of the competition.

Sometimes, your brand takes too long to load on user search engines due to heavy images, videos, many requests, and more. But you don’t have to struggle with it from now on. BigCommerce is an online platform that allows your brand to reach and connect with a wider audience with multiple needs.

We got many queries on how to optimize the conversion of the BigCommerce store, and then we searched and found the 20 best ways to do it. Thus, this blog is a solution to all the conversion optimization-related issues, and we will help you to do it. So, let’s start now.

2. Tips To Boost Conversion Rates On Bigcommerce

Here are the 20 best ways for BigCommerce conversion optimization.

Boost Website Speed:

The speed of an ecommerce store is a vital element to consider. There are many factors that impact the loading speed of your website, ultimately leading to a reduction in conversion rate. Compress the images and videos on your website, reduce HTTP requests, use CDN, and more to boost the speed. Otherwise, you can consider tools like Website Speedy for your BigCommerce speed optimization.

Improving Page Top Sections:

Enhance the top part of important pages so visitors quickly understand what your page is about. Clear headings and engaging content make a positive impact. You must ensure that the top section of your content contains essential and significant information that engages the user to stay longer on your page.

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Creating Specific Ad Pages:

Design web pages dedicated to ads, ensuring the content aligns with what the ads promise. This consistency improves user experience and conversion rates. When users see the engaging and interesting content in the ads, they will be more likely to click on it and visit your site.

Simplifying Forms:

Simplify online forms to make it easy for users to fill in information. Fewer fields and clear instructions reduce friction and increase form submissions.

Additionally, promote your content and form on popular platforms like search engines and others, where it has a high chance of becoming visible.

Reassuring Messages:

Display comforting messages on your site to build trust with visitors. Messages like “secure checkout” or “satisfaction guaranteed” ease concerns and boost confidence. However, it’s important that the message you display must be right and vital to your brand needs. It should not convey something that the brand doesn’t mean.

Genuine Email Communication:

Ensure your emails convey authenticity and sincerity. Personalized messages and valuable content make subscribers feel genuinely connected. Don’t try to get a fake email list to just show your popularity. Authenticity always wins. Thus, ensure you create a genuine email list and send them with a great strategy.

Personalized Experiences:

Tailor user experiences based on their preferences. Provide your users with everything they want. Don’t allow your brand to say no, and provide an excellent user experience. Follow the timeline you provided them for delivery and product quality.

Analyzing Popular Pages:

Analyze frequently visited pages to understand user behavior. This insight helps in optimizing website navigation and content placement. Additionally, use tools like Google Page Insights to better understand the buying patterns of your consumers, what they like most, what they are searching for on your site and more.

Enhancing Categories:

Improve popular website categories using insights from search data. This ensures users find what they’re looking for more easily. After getting user preferences, behavior patterns, and other details, you can categorize your products in the way users want to see them. It includes creating subcategories, highlighting top-selling items, and implementing effective filtering options.

Effective Payment Options:

Offer payment methods that suit your audience. Providing trusted and convenient payment choices encourages more transactions. There are multiple payment options, but few are globally popular and more used. Thus, add them to your store payment options. Try to incorporate multiple payment gateways for effective outcomes.

Using Social Proof:

Showcase reviews, ratings, or testimonials on important pages. Social proof builds credibility and encourages trust among visitors. Don’t add fake proofs, as it clearly shows the disloyalty of your brand. Try to convince your buyers to leave a genuine review about your services, product qualities, and more.

Predicting Shopper Needs:

Anticipate what customers are searching for and present it prominently. Meeting their expectations results in a better shopping experience. For conversion rate optimization, it is pivotal to understand the user journey, fix all the anticipated issues, and fulfill the buyer’s wants.

Encouraging Action:

Motivate visitors to take action on product pages, like making a purchase or signing up. Clear and persuasive call-to-action buttons guide users. You can place them in the section where it is to get noticed and influence them to do it.

Your brand motivation and final action can be anything like filling out a form, making a purchase, and more.

Suggesting Related Products:

Recommend complementary items to customers to increase the average order value. This strategy can boost sales. Yeah, you have read it right. Imagine you are looking for electric toothbrushes, and suddenly, you find the best tongue cleaner as well. There is a high chance of buying both as they both are made for similar purposes. Therefore, suggest products similar to user preference, and it will optimize your website conversion.

Detailed Product Info:

Provide comprehensive product information that’s easy to read. Balancing detail with simplicity helps customers make informed decisions. Add details such as product size, how to use it in multiple ways, quality, and more. It will help consumers to get clear insight into what they are purchasing.

Consolidating Product Options:

Display all product variations on one page for user convenience. This simplifies the shopping process. It is crucial to increase your sales, as users are more likely to purchase when the process is simple and straightforward.

Highlighting Unique Selling Points:

Clearly communicate what makes your brand stand out. Highlight why consumers should choose your brand from others. Your business’s unique selling point must be engaging and attractive, which really tempts visitors.

Clear Cart Details:

Ensure that all information about adding items to the cart is transparent. This minimizes confusion during the checkout process. This is an important aspect to consider for smooth checkout.

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User-Friendly Prioritization:

Make user-friendliness a top priority across your website. An intuitive and pleasant user experience keeps visitors engaged. Your website content and everything must be written and placed in a user-centric manner where they like to stay.

Mobile User Optimization:

Optimize your website for mobile users. As more people shop on mobile devices, a mobile-friendly site is essential for success. Optimizing a website for mobile users entails multiple strategies that help your website appear similar on all devices, especially on mobile and handy devices, as more searches are conducted on them.

Social Media Marketing:

Promoting your brand on social media is a great way to reach out to a wider and authentic audience. If you want more people to get to know about your brand and complete the purchase, it’s crucial to identify the platforms that are specially made for brands like yours. Out of many, some will be sure to benefit you more than the rest.

Thus, these are the top strategies to boost the sales and conversion of your BigCommerce brand. Apart from that, BigCommerce speed optimization is also a must, as research shows if your website takes too long to load, you will miss user interaction. Therefore, optimizing the speed of your ecommerce store remains significant and on the top.

3. Conclusion

In summary, this blog consists of all the 20 top ways for BigCommerce conversion rate optimization. Following these strategies will help you to take your brand to the next level it deserves. Additionally, it’s crucial to enhance the speed as well to get more precise and favorable results.

So, optimize your store now with the Website Speedy tool and achieve the real success of your brand.

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