Why BigCommerce Websites Should Be Fast and Reliable

1. Introduction

Nowadays, the speed of your website determines the reputation and the position of your e-commerce store. This thing makes it crucial for businesses to keep an eye on the speed of their online store. BigCommerce platform prioritizes speed optimization and helps your website load in seconds.

In this blog, we will focus on the reasons why website speed is important and how it impacts various elements of your website. Additionally, we will talk about BigCommerce speed optimization, so let’s begin.

2. Why Speed Is Important?

A fast-loading website has multiple benefits, and it improves the performance of your e-commerce store. Here, we will mention the reasons why you should improve the speed of your BigCommerce store.

Mobile-First Approach: Catering to Mobile Users

Mobile is the symbol of advanced technology, and it shows that we have grown up enough to buy the product without visiting a physical store. This concept has led to the development of millions of digital stores. It started with devices selling, and now we see food, jewelry, fashion, radio accessories, and all the things available to purchase online. To not miss out on these buyers, your BigCommerce mobile optimization is a significant step.

Measuring Performance: Results and Search Engine Rankings

Your website performance is highly affected by the loading speed. It’s about which position your e-commerce website ranks on the search engine. Therefore, a faster website helps search engines and consumers to find where your store is located on SERP.

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3. E-commerce Ready to Grow

Ecommerce stores should only load faster but also adapt to the surroundings. Each day, technology brings some new trends and modifies the way we do and access our work. It made it crucial for your store to be flexible, scalable, and reliable for consumers.

Flexibility: Adapting to Changing Business Needs

Your ecommerce store should be flexible enough to adapt to new trends and changes. It should not compromise with any advancements. As your sales grow you need to add more products, their categories, and features, and you need to handle inventory well. This also comes in the store flexibility.

Reliability: Ensuring Stable and Consistent Performance

Your BigCommerce store should work independently. It must not depend on the other app or plugin to make any changes or advancements. Your website reality shows that people can buy products without any issue.

Scalability: Growing Your Online Store with Ease

As your business grows, you need to add some additional features and expand its capabilities to serve all the consumers. This is only possible when you prioritize the needs of your customers.

4. Enhancing the User Experience

A fast-loading website improves the user expectations and experience of your website. It improves your business sales conversion and reduces the bounce rate.

Faster Page Load Times: Reducing Bounce Rates

No one likes to wait, even us. So, focus on boosting the speed of your ecommerce store. Otherwise, it will lead to the unrequired enhancement in the bounce rate, which affects website ranking.

Smooth Navigation: Keeping Customers Engaged

Search engines support websites that have easy navigation, and users complete the task in seconds without getting impatient with the functionality. It will boost the search engine ranking of your BigCommerce store.

Mobile Optimization: Catering to On-the-Go Shoppers

Making your website mobile-friendly ensures that users will get the same website layout and design on their mobile phones.

5. Technical Foundations

Here, we will discuss the technical foundation to improve website loading speed.

Optimizing Images and Media

Big-size pictures cover a large portion of the website. It slows down the website loading and impacts performance. Thus, optimize the image of your website with the help of professionals like MakkPress Technologies, who provide this service.

Efficient Code and Scripting

Regularly monitor the codes on your website. With time, you will get to know that only a few codes are important for website performance, and the rest just cover the space.

Leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

CDN is similar to the message-sending platform that sends your website to the receiver network. CDN does it by sending the content from the server closer to the consumer network.

Mobile-Friendly Design and Responsiveness

When you optimize your store for mobile users, it is a good way to expand your market reach. You should keep it clear that the design of your BigCommerce store must be responsive to all devices.

6. Performance Testing and Monitoring

Here, we will discuss further performance testing, monitoring, and improvement.

Regular Performance Audits

Use tools like Google Page Insights that provide information about your website’s current speed, performance, and everything that is relevant and necessary for your business improvement.

Identifying and Resolving Bottlenecks

After getting clear with the performance of your BigCommerce store, the next step is to fix them instantly. You can do it by making the necessary changes and using any tool for BigCommerce speed and performance optimization.

Utilizing Analytics and Performance Metrics

The data you collect from tools like Google Page Insights provides you with details on how users interact with your BigCommerce store, where performance is lacking, etc. It also suggests the way to fix them.

7. E-commerce SEO

Now, we will discuss how SEO improves and matters for a fast-loading website.

SEO Benefits of a Speedy Website

When your website is optimized with the latest technology and loads in seconds, the search engine will support your store and rank them high on SERP.

Enhancing Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings

A website that is fully optimized and SEO friendly means the store will rank high on the search engine result page. Thus, work on the SEO to boost your website position.

Mobile SEO Considerations

Mobile SEO is a bit different concept from the normal SEO. It involves making your website smooth for mobile users and improving its ranking on mobile searches.

8. Security and Reliability

Here, you will get to know the significance of Security and reliability for BigCommerce speed optimization.

Importance of a Secure E-commerce Platform

The Security of your online store is equally important as your house security. You can’t hurt your family members, and you can’t lose your buyer’s data.

Data Protection and Customer Trust

Consumers provide the details when they trust the brand. It is crucial that you understand their concern and safeguard their details.

Reducing Downtime and Ensuring Uptime

If your store operates only for a few hours and at night, it goes offline, it means you are losing sales. Reduce the downtime of your BigCommerce website, and keep everything updated.

9. Customer-Centric Approach

Customer Satisfaction: The Key to Success

The customer’s happy face makes the owner’s day. When consumers sweetly purchase the product from your store, they are more likely to come back and spread the word out to other customers.

Impact of Site Performance on Customer Loyalty

You read it right! When a website takes too long to load, it impacts consumer attention and purchasing decisions. Additionally, it upset customers, and they instantly left the BigCommerce website.

Prioritizing User-Centered Design:

To make your website more user-friendly and faster. You can choose the customer-centric design, theme, and template and compress the visuals, codes, and more to improve the overall experience.

10. Competitive Edge

Here, we will explain how a fast-loading website improves your brand ranking over competitors.

Gaining an Edge Over Competitors

With a user-centric design and quick-loading website, you can break the competitor’s ranking and recognition. Users purchase from the BigCommerce store that provides everything they are looking for.

Earning Positive Reviews and Reputation

Good reviews and a strong reputation can make a big difference. When your website consistently performs well, it leads to positive reviews and boosts your brand’s reputation.

11. Conclusion

Let’s get a brief of the blog. BigCommerce website performance can boost your sales and revenue. You should focus on speed, reliability, and scalability to provide the best user experience. By following the mentioned steps, you will increase the sales, browsing experience, and navigation of your BigCommerce store.

Apart from this, professionals and experts prefer page speed optimization tool such as Website Speedy to enhance their website performance. It is a SaaS-based tool that is designed to boost the ranking and speed of ecommerce websites.

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