Ways to Optimize Bigcommerce Product Pages for Halloween


Halloween is on its way to spark your month. I hope you have started your shopping and preparation to make this Halloween season a blast. I remember the days when I used to do a lot of shopping, buying candies, preparing costumes, and more to create a horrible look and feel.

I hope you are doing the same. But what with your online store? Are you ready to boost your store revenue this Halloween? Yeah, this festival is much more than what meets the eye; it is an occasion of community gathering, creativity, and sales.

BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform for all types and sizes of businesses. It helps businesses in boosting their sales and consumer engagement by providing exceptional features.

This platform provides everything a brand needs to work online. But the game is not over; by setting up your store on BigCommerce, you have to connect it with the target audience, which is only possible when your brand appears at the top of competitors.

Therefore, this blog is a solution to speed up your store and boost its sales this Halloween season. We will explore all the ways for BigCommerce Store optimization.

Top 5 BigCommerce Website Optimization Techniques

Certainly, these are the BigCommerce Store optimization techniques that can improve your website loading speed.

Make Your Product Pages Load Fast

Imagine time is running out, and everybody is arriving late to your Halloween party; it would be frustrating, right? The same happens with the loading speed; when your page takes too long to appear on visitors’ browsers, it impacts user satisfaction, your brand revenue, and sales. It means you have to work and utilize some speed optimization tools to improve your website loading speed. So, Website Speedy is the best website speed optimization tool that takes the necessary action to enhance its appearance.

According to the search engine and reports, websites that take more than 3 seconds usually rank lower on search engines. It significantly increases their bounce rate and creates a negative impression. Google prioritizes user experience over other things.

Thus, a website with a fast loading speed ranks high. Additionally, you can examine your website’s current performance with the Google Page Speed Insight tool that provides numbers on your site’s current speed and what needs to be focused on.

You can significantly enhance your website speed by compressing the image size, choosing the right hosting provider, reducing the redirects, and eliminating the use of unnecessary plugins and apps. All these tips will improve your BigCommerce product page speed.

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Importance of High-Quality Images and Videos

Images and videos are core elements of attracting user attention. These elements can make and break the rhythm of consumer vigilance towards your store. If your website contains poor-quality images, you will face an increase in bounce rate, a decrease in click-through rate, and similar. Attractive images instantly catch users’ pursuit towards them and are favored by search engines.

Use images and videos for multiple purposes on your website content. Likewise, you can use them to display the description of your products and services, client testimonials, and videos that describe your product’s basics. Don’t forget to use image formats like WebP or AVIF. Additionally, add subtitles to your videos so individuals from different nations can easily understand them.

Ensure a Strong URL Structure

The URL of your website holds great significance. It is important to keep your URL structured appropriately. It involves adding primary and most searched keywords to it and making it search engine-friendly, where search engines can easily understand your website’s content.

A clean URL tells that your website is relevant and can rank high on search engines, increasing the click-through rate. You can utilize multiple ways to optimize your BigCommerce store URL, including making the URL simple, short, and accurate, using product names and important information rather than codes and numbers.

Additionally, to separate the words, use hyphens, underscores, and special characters to increase user readability. Studies also show that URLs with capital letters are bad for SEO, so it’s worth saying to stick to lowercase letters for products in your URLs.

Additionally, you can create something related to Halloween offers to make it more interesting and trending.

Optimize Your BigCommerce Store Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

When the user enters a query on search engines, a list of websites appears. Below the link, there is a description of 2-3 lines that describe the content and answer your query; it is called a meta description that describes your content concisely.

Meta description and title tags are elements of HTML. So, title tags are the clickable links positioned below the URL, and the meta description is a short explanation of the overall product page content.

These elements tell search engines what your page is about and help in showing them at the top of user query results. To create an SEO-friendly title tag, you have to add the product name and brand name to it, and characters must be between 50 and 60.

On the contrary, meta description involves adding the name of the brand, product, or service, 150 to 160 characters, a brief overview of the product, and exciting users to open the page. Remember that your main aim is to make your BigCommerce store SEO Optimize. So, place everything in a manner that is easy to find and navigate.

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Write an Engaging Product Description

The description of your website product remains vital. It’s important that your product description does not match with other websites’ descriptions, as it can cause duplicate content issues, which results in affecting website popularity and SEO.

Additionally, it tells search engines that your website is of low quality and affects your reputation. You can highlight the important information about the products, such as their benefits and key features. Thus, you need to implement the right keywords that rank the website strategically.

Employing these strategies can improve your website’s performance. All these things can enhance your business’s accessibility reach.


To sum it all up, these are the top Bigcommerce Store optimization strategies that can boost your store speed and performance. These techniques help your brand in multiple ways and enhance search engine rankings.

However, to fly this Halloween season without focusing much on business efforts, you can utilize the help of professional tools that can do the best for your business. Thus, Website Speedy is the best BigCommerce speed optimization and performance enhancer application that performs excellently in all areas to boost your sales and traffic on Halloween.

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