How to Boost the Speed of Bigcommerce Store for Better Performance

1. Introduction

Speed optimization is becoming a high concern for e-commerce stores, as it affects the performance of their website. Bigcommerce is a platform where millions of users start their online business. However, boosting the speed is not the work of everyone. It requires implementing the right strategy and having the expertise in it.

Thus, this blog is a comprehensive solution to speed optimization issues, where we will delve into the strategies of Bigcommerce speed optimization. Let’s begin by covering the basics of Bigcommerce.

2. Fundamentals of Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to develop and manage their own online store. It offers a variety of tools and services for starting and running a website. It is well-known for its straightforward and dynamic user interface. These are the primary features of Bigcommerce.

BigCommerce’s key characteristics and abilities include

Website development: Bigcommerce offers a variety of services for designing and customizing an online store, including appealing visual design, templates, and diverse themes.

Product Administration: Owners may quickly add and manage their items, as well as their details, such as descriptions, photos, and prices.

Payment Processing: Bigcommerce has integration with a number of payment gateways, allowing the brand to execute secure financial transactions while also increasing corporate credibility.

It also offers a personalized cart for purchases where users may add, update, and remove things.

Inventory Control: Companies can simply control inventory levels, receive low-stock notifications, and handle sizes of goods and accessibility.

Thus, these are the Bigcommerce shop characteristics that aid in efficiently minimizing website time for loading. Let us now go on.

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Examining the Speed of Your Current Website

Utilize these tools to acquire a real-time track of how quickly your Bigcommerce website loads. Here are some alternatives:

Google PageSpeed Insights: Google provides an application that evaluates the overall loading time and efficiency of your website’s pages. It also makes recommendations on how to improve the website speed and satisfaction of users.

GTmetrix: GTmetrix is another renowned website evaluation tool that provides useful information about the speed of your site. It gives exact data on page load times and sizes, as well as recommendations for improving speed.

You can easily determine which areas require repair by using these tools to assess the speed of your website. Now, move toward ways of instantly boosting the loading of Bigcommerce websites.

3. Top Methods to Enhance BigCommerce Website Speed

Now that you’ve gained insights into tools for examining your website’s sluggish performance, let’s delve into the solutions. If you’re seeking ways to boost website speed, you’re in the right place. Our team is equipped to thoroughly assess your BigCommerce Store and offer effective optimization strategies. With our expertise, you can swiftly enhance your BigCommerce website’s speed and overall performance.

Content Optimization & Page Load Speed

Enhance your BigCommerce page and store speed by avoiding unnecessary content overload. The primary purpose of your website is to sell products, so prioritize that objective. Trim down the number of products and details displayed on your homepage to expedite site loading times. Consider limiting the items per page to enhance loading performance and drive valuable sales. Streamlining your store layout will facilitate faster loading of pages and blog posts, allowing customers to access the information they need with ease. Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of optimizing your meta descriptions to boost organic traffic and revenue.

Image Optimization

To maintain optimal load speed for your BigCommerce store, it’s crucial to keep image sizes within reasonable limits. Oversized images can potentially slow down page loading, frustrating your customers. Bigcommerce provides the feature to customize the image size. Additionally, when it comes to file types, JPGs are preferred over PNGs due to their smaller file sizes without compromising image quality.


As an online store expands, changes such as new categories and sub-categories may occur. However, this can result in some products being categorized incorrectly or linked with outdated sections. Fortunately, BigCommerce, a reliable eCommerce platform, automatically redirects these products to their correct categories, saving you time and effort. Yet, frequent changes in category names without clearing your site’s redirect history can lead to slower load times. This can negatively impact your conversion rates. To avoid this, consider cleaning up the redirects by checking how many pages share a single URL address before individually addressing them. This practice will help reduce page load time and improve your online store’s performance.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Boost your BigCommerce store’s performance by harnessing the capabilities of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve static content from various global networks. CDNs are designed to distribute data across multiple regions and users, resulting in improved site speed and efficiency. For instance, when a European user visits your site, the CDN will deliver their images and other files from a nearby data center, reducing latency and enhancing their browsing experience. Implementing a CDN can enable your BigCommerce store to offer faster page load times and improved user engagement.

Third-Party Applications

Considering the addition of developer apps to extend your BigCommerce store’s functionality? Be aware that these plugins can significantly impact your site’s performance and speed. While they can greatly enhance the customer experience, an excessive number can considerably slow down your site. You need to conduct an audit of your third-party extensions to avoid such problems. Determine which ones perform well, which ones have the longest load times, and which ones you can do without. In many cases, third-party apps and plugins are major contributors to site slowdowns. Thus, carefully monitor it and improve your website performance.

Google Tags

Suppose you’ve been using both old Google Analytics tags (ga) and newer ones like gags. In that case, it’s possible that both tags are being utilized simultaneously, leading to triple-tracking of your analytics. wrongly assigned sales in reports or advertisements. To prevent this, promptly clean up any conversion tracking code that employs incompatible tagging systems.

Javascript Errors

When dealing with JavaScript, diligence is essential to detect potential issues. A single error in the code can go unnoticed, causing a number of problems. Syntax errors, in particular, are common culprits that can disrupt scripts. Timely addressing of these issues is crucial to ensure proper functionality.

Harness the Power of Browser Caching:

Browser caching is a technique that involves storing your website’s files directly in your visitors’ web browsers. This smart approach diminishes the necessity for the browser to repeatedly request or download these files. Consequently, users gain the advantage of accessing previously loaded data with significantly enhanced speed. By configuring browser caching settings within your website, you can realize noticeable enhancements in load times.

Reduce Render-blocking

Render-blocking happens when a website holds off on showing additional content while it waits for resources like JavaScript and CSS files to load. Your website may experience a slowdown as a result. By streamlining your scripts and code, you can reduce render-blocking.

Keep Everything Updated:

The job remains incomplete by fixing the problems; you also need to keep your store’s functioning consistent. This entails updating Bigcommerce plugins, apps, and themes, among other things. Updates are required to improve the compatibility, speed, and security of your store. This procedure guarantees that your shop keeps constant with the improvement and benefits from it.

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Pick a Theme That Is Speed-optimized:

Bigcommerce provides a number of attractive themes, however, not all of them are speed-optimized. Due to their feature-rich designs and high-resolution graphics, some may appear fantastic but load slowly. Prioritize themes that fit your goals for appearance and functionality when choosing one for your shop. This also holds true for the various templates you choose.

Fix Bigcommerce Core Web Vitals

CWV is a measurement standard referred to as Core Web Vital that indicates user involvement with a website. It displays information such as loading speed, interaction, and visual consistency. These indicators are significant since they influence the Bigcommerce store’s search engine ranking. Now, consider the advantages of using CWV. Thus, boosting the ranking of your website, which is directly influenced by the website speed, made it pivotal to fix Bigcommerce Core Web Vitals issues.

Thus, these are all the top strategies to boost the speed of your ecommerce store. However, you may encounter some issues while doing it on your own. So, choose a Bigcommerce speed optimization tool that can perform this task without needing your help. Website Speedy is a SaaS-based software developed specifically to enhance the speed of ecommerce websites. Website Speedy is suitable for all kinds of ecommerce stores and platforms.

4. Conclusion

This blog provides a comprehensive solution to the speed optimization problem. It offers clear insights on how to improve the loading speed of a Bigcommerce website. However, we still recommend choosing the Website Speedy tool for speed optimization, as it can bring a significant positive change in your website’s performance.

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