How To Speed Up BigCommerce Site Speed In 10 Ways?


BigCommerce is a fast-loading eCommerce platform with multiple techniques that improve your store speed. In today’s digital market-centric world, the loading speed of your website has a special place, as it can deter users from your site to others. Apart from that, BigCommerce is famous for providing unique features that tempt users to stay on the site longer.

BigCommerce site speed optimization is an essential element that every business should consider. You can choose manually to perform the tips or get help from a professional too. Therefore, in this BigCommerce site speed optimization blog, we will explore the things that affect your site speed and the ways to boost it to the next level.

Things That Affect Website Speed

When it comes to BigCommerce websites, sometimes they take a bit too long to load, which can be frustrating for visitors. Here, we have mentioned the prime factors that slow down your store’s loading speed.

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Big Pictures and Dynamic Content:

One of the reasons your BigCommerce site might be slow is because of big pictures and dynamic content. Those cool visuals and moving elements we love? Well, they can slow things down because they need more time to show up on the screen. Uncompressed images are against your website’s loading speed, so you have to consider it.

Additional Code in Theme:

The theme you have chosen for your BigCommerce site might be carrying some extra baggage in the form of additional code. This baggage can build up over time and contribute to a slower site. It’s like having unnecessary stuff in your backpack; it weighs you down, and apart from that, it affects your store performance and sales.

JavaScript from Add-ons:

Think of add-ons in your BigCommerce store, like apps on your phone. Some of these apps might be bringing in JavaScript that’s not exactly helping with speed. It’s like having too many apps running in the background on your phone and draining the battery. It slows down your site speed and overall business performance.

Server Response Time:

Imagine your server as the backstage crew of a play. If it takes too long for them to respond to requests, they show your website doesn’t start on time. Slow server response times can lead to delays in your site loading for visitors. Therefore, you have to prioritize the server response time to maintain your store performance.

Large Number of Plugins:

Having too many plugins on your BigCommerce site is similar to having numerous tools in a toolbox, but sometimes, less is more. Each plugin adds extra code and functionality, and an excess of these can slow down your site’s performance.

Outdated Software Versions:

If the software running it is outdated, it will impact your website speed. Keeping your BigCommerce platform and any associated software up to date is crucial for optimal performance. It’s like giving your online store a regular tune-up to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Unoptimized Product Images:

While high-quality product images are crucial for showcasing your products, large and unoptimized images can slow down your site. It’s like trying to fit too many items into a suitcase, it becomes bulky and challenging to handle. Optimizing your product images ensures they maintain quality without compromising the speed of your online store.

Complex Navigation Structure:

Think of your website’s navigation as a direction for visitors. If it’s overly complex, it’s like giving them a confusing set of directions. A confusing navigation structure can frustrate users and lead to longer load times as they struggle to find what they are looking for. Streamlining your navigation is like creating a clear path for your customers to explore your online store effortlessly.

Lack of Browser Caching:

Browser caching is like having a handy notebook that remembers where you left off in a book. Without it, every time someone visits your site, the browser has to load all the information anew, slowing down the loading process. Implementing browser caching is like giving your website a memory boost, ensuring quicker access to previously loaded elements for returning visitors.

High Volume of Website Visitors:

When lots of people visit your website all at once, it can make your server work really hard and slow things down. It’s like having a traffic jam on your website, and nobody likes that. Thus, your store should be able to keep a large consumer base without affecting its speed.

Move further towards the strategies of speeding up BigCommerce site speed.

Top 10 Tips to Speed Up Your BigCommerce Site

Now, let’s look at some practical tips that can help you give your BigCommerce site a speed boost. These tips cover different aspects of your site to ensure it runs faster and smoother.

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Switch Off Recent Blog Posts Display:

Think of your homepage as a shop window. When you keep changing what’s on display, it can slow things down. If you’re finding delays, maybe try turning off the recent blog posts. It’s like giving your window a break to speed up the loading.

Turn On Google AMP:

Imagine Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as a shortcut for your mobile visitors. Turning it on is like paving a faster road for your mobile pages. It gives smartphone users a quicker and better experience, like a speedy lane just for them.

Use Cloudflare for DNS:

Cloudflare is like a super-speedy delivery service for your website. When you use it for DNS, basically your site’s address book, it speeds up finding and showing your content to visitors. It’s like having a super-fast GPS for your website.

Reduce Store Code Size:

Your website’s code is like a recipe. If you have too many ingredients, it takes longer to cook. By removing unnecessary bits of code, you are making your site’s recipe simpler and faster. It’s like making your cooking process more straightforward.

Correct Redirects:

Redirects are like diversions on the road to your website. Too many diversions can make the journey longer. So, take a look and fix any unnecessary redirects. It helps visitors reach their destination, your site, more quickly. It’s like taking a more direct route.

Image Optimization:

Big images are like heavyweight champs. Visuals are a crucial component of any website, but they can slow down your site speed. Enhance them by compressing without sacrificing quality. It’s like putting your champ on a bit of a diet without losing the muscle. A leaner image is a faster image.

Content Development:

Imagine your website as a garden. Planting new flowers means content regularly keeps it fresh and attractive. Fresh content not only engages visitors but also makes search engines happy. It’s like tending to your garden for an overall better user experience.

Minify JavaScript and CSS:

JavaScript and CSS files are like the workers behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Minifying them is like making sure they’re not carrying unnecessary tools, lighter and more efficient workers make for a faster and smoother operation.

Address Slow-Loading Images:

Slow-loading images are like slow walkers in a busy street – they hold everyone up. Fix them by compressing large images, using lazy loading techniques, and ensuring all images are in tip-top shape for a quick appearance. It’s like giving a little pep talk to your images to keep up the pace.

Remove Dynamic Homepage Elements:

Dynamic elements on your homepage are impressive but not always necessary. Take a moment to evaluate and consider minimizing or removing them. It’s like strengthening the show to create a simpler and faster entry point for your visitors.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of BigCommerce speed optimization and what factors affect it. Additionally, we mentioned the tips to speed up BigCommerce site speed. For better and instant results and bug fixing, use a page speed optimization tool just like Website Speedy. It is a SaaS-based software that optimizes eCommerce websites for better performance, sales and ranking.

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