Restorapic Case Study For Website Speedy

Statement - Boosting Restorapic Website Speed With Website Speedy Tool

Business Brief:

Restorapic specializes in restoring and enhancing photos, turning memories back to life. Their passion lies in preserving the essence captured in images, overcoming damage, tears, and fading. The logo, a tribute to the owner’s Grandfather, symbolizes the importance of family.

They are passionate about 5-star service, tailoring experiences to your needs. Your photos and your memories ensure they endure for generations to come. At Restorapic, they not only restore photos but they revive precious moments.

Problem Statement:

A sluggish loading speed is impacting the website's sales, user experience, and brand reputation.

Restorapic website faced a slowdown issue on its website, affecting user experience and SEO. Despite the popularity, their home, blog, and about us pages were slow.

This hurt user satisfaction, bounce rate, and online presence. When they approached us during ongoing design and SEO work, we needed a comprehensive solution for better results, as traditional methods fell short. Improving load times across all pages was crucial for an overall boost.

Solution Offered:

Improving website speed for better user interaction, increased conversions, and a lower bounce rate.

Before making any suggestions or changes to Restorapic's website speed, we first measured the current loading speed across different pages, homepage, blog pages, and about us.

Identifying areas for improvement, we targeted issues like reducing loading times and addressing render-blocking elements, crucial for Google to crawl more pages.

Presenting our website speed optimization tool to the client, a swift SaaS-based solution, we received approval to implement it. Our custom hard-coded script went to work, efficiently fixing issues and enhancing the website speed. This automated process rearranged render-blocking elements, blocked unnecessary scripts, and optimized images with lazy loading.

The tool also delayed non-critical resource loading until user interaction, significantly improving core web vitals. After implementing these changes, Restorapic's website achieved higher page speed scores across all browsers and devices.

Our Website Speedy tool, despite sounding complex, simplifies and enhances website performance in minutes, highlighting its importance for an improved user experience.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Outcome Since We Began:

Using our technique to analyze Restorapic's website and fix any problems we saw, we were able to get excellent results for each page of the website on Google Page Insights. We were able to increase brand sales and conversion rates as a result of this.

The outcome of relying on the website's quick tool for performance optimization is as follows:

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 14 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 16 pts.
 Restorapic Before Homepage Mobile Banner
Restorapic After Homepage Mobile Banner
Restorapic Before Homepage Desktop Banner
Restorapic After Homepage Desktop Banner

About us Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 7 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 23 pts.
Restorapic Before About us Mobile Page
Restorapic After About us Mobile Page
Restorapic Desktop Before About us page
Restorapic Desktop After About us page

Blog Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 17 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 29 pts.
Restorapic Before Blog Mobile Page
Restorapic After Blog Mobile Page
Restorapic Desktop Before Blog page
Restorapic Desktop After Blog page
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