Optimizing website loading speed for better performance,
conversion rate, and user experience

Business Brief:

Perfect Client, the online brand, is a team of Chartered Management Accountants challenging the norm. Tired of undervalued talent, they focus on personalized service. Specializing in self-assessment returns and corporate tax for sole traders, frustrated advisers, and contractors.

They understand your worth goes beyond finances, reaching into your self-esteem. Their connection-first approach ensures transformative partnerships, merging expertise with understanding.

Problem Statement:

The Website was struggling with poor sales and conversion rates due to a slow loading speed

The loading speed of e-commerce brands is a crucial metric that determines their brand value. The time your Website takes to load on users' browsers influences their decision to stay or leave your site. So, to increase your website conversion rate, you must prioritize the loading time of your digital store.

The website Perfect Client was doing well in all the terms but was getting lower consumers' attention due to slow loading speed. So, they contacted us, the Website Speedy, to fix this issue and make their Website load instantly.

Solution Offered:

Optimized website speed for better performance, sales, and high ranking

After getting the work from the client, we started working on the project. Before suggesting changes to the website speed, we checked how fast key pages loaded. We focused on the homepage, collection, product, and about us pages, aiming to make them load faster and fix issues for better Google crawling.

We introduced our speed optimization tool, Website Speed, which is designed to boost a Website's loading speed in seconds. Thus, we got approval and used a custom script to fix problems. The tool managed issues like blocking elements and scripts and improved the overall user experience, making Substantial Tomorrow's Website faster on different browsers and devices.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Since We Started:

We improved Perfect Client's website speed and performance by using our tool to fix issues, leading to higher Google Page Insights scores. This boost was key to increasing sales and conversion rates for the brand. Trusting our Website Speedy tool for optimization delivered excellent results.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 28 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 5 pts.
Speed Before Optimization
 Perfect Client Before Homepage Mobile Banner
Speed After Optimization
Perfect Client After Homepage Mobile Banner
Speed Before Optimization
Perfect Client Before Homepage Desktop Banner
Speed After Optimization
Perfect Client After Homepage Desktop Banner
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