Jurassic Studio Case Study For Website Speedy

Jurassic Studio's Website Performance Gets a Jurassic Boost with Lightning-Fast Website Loading Times

Business Brief:

Jurassic Studio is a leading band that has gained widespread recognition for its captivating dinosaur-themed merchandise. From custom T-shirts, hoodies, posters, and mugs, to blankets, the brand offers an extensive collection of products that cater to the needs of dinosaur fans. The brand is driven by a simple yet compelling mission- to create innovative products that cater to the unique tastes of dinosaur enthusiasts. With an ardent love for everything dinosaur-related, Jurassic Studio is committed to bringing dinosaur lovers closer to their passion through exclusive and creative artwork.

Problem Statement:

Uncovering Issues That Are Holding Back The Brand From Achieving The Ultimate Website Speed

Optimizing website load times is a critical aspect that impacts both user experience and SEO. Unfortunately, Jurassic Studio's website fell short in this area, despite being a prominent player in the dinosaur design merchandise industry. From the home page and collection page to the product and about us pages, every page on their website loaded slowly, resulting in a poor user experience, high bounce rates, and a weakened online presence. As a result, enhancing website loading speeds were crucial for Jurassic Studio to maintain its brand's reputation and grow its online presence. Although manual or traditional methods are available to improve every webpage's speed, Jurassic Studio needed an immediate solution to achieve great results without wasting any time.


Revolutionizing The Brand By Enhancing Website Speed With Our Cutting Edge Solutions

Before we could suggest anything or implement any solution, our team checked the current score of loading speed for all the website pages. The loading times for the home page, collection page, product page, and other website pages were quite low and not good for the brand's online presence. So, while discussing the plan for page speed optimization, we shared with them the details on how our website speedy tool will help you in the same.

Post-checking the results before website optimization, we added the website's speedy custom hard-coded script to all the pages of Jurassic Studio.

Our automated script quickly identified and rearranged any render-blocking elements to optimize the website's DOM. Additionally, our website Speedy tool also blocked third-party scripts and minimized the impact of unused JS and CSS, leading to improved core web vitals. Despite the complexity of these tasks, our tool completes them within seconds, making website optimization effortless. To further enhance performance, the tool optimizes images through the use of lazy loading and eliminates any redundant code found on the website. These additional measures lead to even better results.

Our website speedy tool is designed to optimize your website's loading time by delaying the loading of non-critical resources until user interaction is detected. By optimizing all the assets on Jurassic Studio's website, we were able to significantly improve page speed scores on both mobile and desktop browsers. The advantage of using our Website Speedy tool is that it instantly improves website performance for Jurassic Studio in just a few minutes. This makes it a truly great website tool that can enhance user experience and drive better results for your business.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Jurassic Studio's website has seen significant improvements in its Google Page Insights scores after thoroughly analyzing and resolving all issues identified using our tool. This has resulted in a notable increase in sales and conversion rates for the brand, making it a successful outcome.

Here’s what we achieved with our Website Speedy Tool For Jurassic Studio:

  • Home Page speed score increased for mobile by 43 pts.
  • Home Page speed score increased for desktop by 9 pts.
  • Home Page Loading time improved from 4.95 s to 824 ms.
  • The collection page speed score increased for mobile by 40 pts.
  • The collection page speed score increased for the desktop by 6 pts.
  • Collection page loading time improved from 2.34 s to 913 ms
  • Product page speed score improved for mobile by 45 pts.
  • Product page speed score improved for desktop by 20 pts.
  • Product page load time improved from 4.10 s to 939 ms.
  • About us, the page speed score increased for mobile by 27 pts.
  • About us, the page speed score increased for the desktop by 5 pts.
  • About us loading time improved from 1.34 s to 876 ms.
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