Increasing the speed at which the Eve Street website loads in order to improve brand visibility.

Business Brief:

Eve Street Electrical is a team of skilled electricians serving Auckland and the North Shore. They are experts in both home and business electrical work, fully qualified and certified as Master Electricians. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, enhancing outdoor lighting, installing an electric car charger, or planning an office fit-out, they have got you covered.

Their commitment to quality is backed by certificates, workmanship guarantees, and five-star reviews on Google. As Master Electricians, they ensure a $20,000 workmanship guarantee and strict adherence to quality standards. For all your electrical needs, trust Eve Street Electrical, where excellence meets assurance.

Problem Statement:

Having difficulties with a website that loads slowly presents a number of problems.

Imagine attempting to watch a video that loads slowly and continually halting. Eve Street's website was sluggish, which made it difficult for anyone who merely wanted to browse and purchase great items. Eve Street came to us in need of assistance due to this difficulty.

We are now trying to speed up their website so that everyone can browse and enjoy Eve Street's amazing items without having to deal with any bothersome delays. Making the entire process simple and enjoyable for everyone is our prime objective.

Solution Offered:

Using Website Speedy, the best speed optimization tool, to improve the loading performance of websites.

Ensuring that your website loads quickly is crucial to retaining consumers and expanding your business. Eve Street requested our assistance when their website was taking too long to load. They gave their OK, then we employed our utility to speed up their website.

Website Speedy, our speed improvement tool, performed really well. The website was substantially quicker as a result of the organization and removal of unnecessary content. To improve the Website's functionality across many platforms, including PCs and phones, we also implemented code modifications.

Additionally, we ensured that the website's images were the proper size to ensure that they loaded swiftly without sacrificing quality. Our aim was to ensure that users could navigate Eve Street's website with ease and have a positive experience.

Eve Street's website now loads rapidly on PCs and phones thanks to our tool, making it simple for users to navigate. A website that loads quickly encourages users to stay on it and explore more, much like a welcoming person at the door.

Eve Street is benefiting from having a quicker and better online presence thanks to Website Speedy.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Outcomes Since We Began:

As a result, we utilized Website Speedy to resolve every significant problem with the website and accelerate its loading time. The brand now offers the fastest loading speed across all platforms and the finest user experience. This is how increasing brand awareness was facilitated by our efforts to decrease loading times.

These results illustrate the percentage increase in Eve Street loading speed.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 9 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 35 pts.
 SuperGeneralStore Before Homepage Mobile Banner
SuperGeneralStore After Homepage Mobile Banner
SuperGeneralStore Before Homepage Desktop Banner
SuperGeneralStore After Homepage Desktop Banner

About Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 8 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 20 pts.
SuperGeneralStore Before About us Mobile Page
SuperGeneralStore After About us Mobile Page
SuperGeneralStore Desktop Before About us page
SuperGeneralStore Desktop After About us page

Service Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 19 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 26 pts.
SuperGeneralStore Before Blog Mobile Page
SuperGeneralStore After Blog Mobile Page
SuperGeneralStore Desktop Before Blog page
SuperGeneralStore Desktop After Blog page
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