Boosting Discounted Cables Site Speed For Better User Experience & Conversions

Business Brief:

Discounted Cables is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Ethernet networking cables in the USA. With a vast selection of 3000 products, including Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a plenum cables, they offer wholesale prices. Their specialties include Ethernet manufacturing, bulk cables, and a range of pure copper options for reliable networking solutions.

Problem Overview:

Slow website = unhappy users. They leave fast, buy less, and site works poorly.

When a website takes too long to load, it can make users unhappy and more likely to leave quickly. This is bad for business because it reduces the chances of turning visitors into customers and overall hurts the website's performance.

Discounted Cables, a famous brand, faced a problem with their website being slow. Even though many people liked their knives, the pages on their website were taking too much time to load. This made users frustrated, and they were more likely to leave the site without checking it out properly. This also had a negative impact on the brand's reputation online.

To fix this issue, Discounted Cables asked for our help. Instead of using the usual solutions, we came up with a plan to make every page load faster. The goal was to give Discounted Cables's customers a better and more enjoyable experience when they visit the website.

Solution Offered:

Fast website loading makes users stay, buy more, and improves overall site performance.

Making a website load faster can make it more enjoyable for people to use. This means fewer people leaving the site right away, more people buying things, and the whole site working better.

We looked at how long it takes for Discounted Cables's website to load on different pages like the main page and the one with the products. After getting permission from Discounted Cables, we used our tool, Website Speedy, to make the website load faster.

Our tool quickly fixed issues on the website by organizing things better and removing the elements that aren't needed. This made the website load much faster. After using the Website Speedy tool, Discounted Cables's website was faster on both phones and computers, making users happier.

Our tool did more than just make the website faster. It also made sure pictures load well and got rid of extra things on the site. After we helped, Discounted Cables's website worked faster on all web browsers, whether people used a phone or a computer. Making a website load quickly is important for keeping users happy, and our tool did that for Discounted Cables in a short time.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Since We Started:

We fixed problems on Discounted Cables's website using our tool, Website Speedy. We made things better by fixing the render blocking issues. This made the website load much faster on phones and computers. Our solution made the website work better on all web browsers. So now, when people visit Discounted Cables's website, it's quicker and more enjoyable for them.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 38 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 34 pts.
discounted Cables Before Homepage Mobile Banner
discounted Cables After Homepage Mobile Banner
discounted Cables Before Homepage Desktop Banner
discounted Cables After Homepage Desktop Banner

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