CP Lab Safety Case Study For Website Speedy

Enhancing Performance of CP Lab Safety: Achieving Faster Loading Times & Sustained Green Core Web Vitals

Business Brief:

CP Lab Safety is a woman-owned small business specializing in crafting environmentally conscious lab safety products. Renowned globally for its commitment to safe solvent disposal, CP Lab Safety is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of workers.

Their ECO Funnel® is a crucial tool that aids laboratories in minimizing chemical waste emissions, ultimately protecting employee health and mitigating the risk of lab-related fires. Since 1996, ECO Funnels has successfully prevented over 1.5 million liters of pollution from chemistry labs in the pharmaceutical, R&D, and manufacturing sectors.

At CP Lab Safety, they function as both a manufacturer and distributor of a wide array of laboratory supplies. From ECO Funnel® and Benchtop Solid Waste Container to bulk lab chemicals, lab bottles, lab glassware, disposable labware, Nalgene® containers, carboys, safety-coated glass bottles, PPE, and industrial safety supplies, their offerings cater comprehensively to diverse laboratory needs.

Problem Statement:

Unveiling Strategies for Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Lightning-Fast Website Speed

The significance of swift website load times cannot be understated, as they directly impact user experience and SEO. Regrettably, this was a missing piece in the puzzle for CP Lab Safety's website. Despite being a prominent player in the chemical industry, their website's page speed performance left much to be desired.

Each section needed more loading times, from the home page to the collection, product, and about us pages. This detrimental effect rippled through their user experience, leading to increased bounce rates and a compromised online brand presence. While conventional methods could have been employed to boost page speed, CP Lab Safety required a comprehensive solution for optimal results.


Elevating Website Speed to Revolutionize the Brand's Online Image with Our Innovative Tool

Before proposing any changes to CP Lab Safety, we first assessed the current loading speed scores for their website. We meticulously examined the performance metrics of the homepage, collection, product, and about us pages prior to optimization.

The imperative task of decreasing loading times and rectifying render-blocking issues was undertaken with the aim of increasing Google's crawl frequency across these pages. During our discussions, we introduced the client to our website speed optimization tool—a SaaS-based solution designed to instantaneously enhance loading times by addressing problematic assets.

Upon receiving the green light from CP Lab Safety, we seamlessly integrated our tailored hard-coded script into their website. This automated script immediately began rectifying issues that were impeding optimal speed, primarily by reorganizing render-blocking elements to improve the website's Document Object Model (DOM).

The Website Speedy tool also effectively blocked third-party scripts and reduced the impact of unused JavaScript and CSS, contributing to favorable core web vitals. Remarkably, our tool executes all of these enhancements within seconds.

Furthermore, our tool focused on optimizing images by implementing lazy loading and purging redundant codes from the website. It also strategically postponed the loading of non-essential resources until user interaction was detected, further enhancing loading times.

After rectifying all the assets on CP Lab Safety's website, we achieved substantial improvements in page speed scores for both mobile and desktop browsers. As previously emphasized, the enhancement of web performance is pivotal for positive user experiences.

A noteworthy benefit of our WebsiteSpeedy tool is its profound impact on user experience, as it swiftly and significantly improves CP Lab Safety's website performance within a matter of minutes.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Since We Started

Following an in-depth analysis of CP Lab Safety's website using our tool and the subsequent resolution of identified issues, we witnessed remarkable progress across all pages. This accomplishment translated into enhanced sales and conversion rates for the brand, underscoring the value of a streamlined and efficient online platform.

Here is the difference between the performance of the CP Lab Saftey website before and after incorporating our WebsiteSpeedy tool.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 15 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 27 pts.


  • Performance increased: 48 pts.

Pingdom tool:

  • Before: 3.25s.
  • After: 1.87s.
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