Enhancing Botti Beauty & Relax Website Loading Speed To Increase Consumer Satisfaction & Sales

Business Brief:

Tanja Botti, founder of Botti Beauty & Relax, offers top-quality facial treatments and beauty products. They prioritize customer satisfaction by using gentle and effective methods for treatment, such as HydraBeauty and microdermabrasion. Their commitment to quality means using only the best products, like Dr. Pen and Hydrafacial, available for purchase at fair prices.

They care about the environment by getting materials in a responsible way. Customers can buy products directly from their Swiss warehouse with no shipping costs. Botti Beauty & Relax offers the best quality and customer satisfaction at the best prices in Switzerland.

Problem Statement:

Facing Slow Loading Speed Due To Poor Site Optimization.

The speed at which a website loads on the user’s browser matters a lot. Many websites struggle with poor sales due to unimpressive customer satisfaction due to poor loading speed.

The Botti Beauty & Relax store was experiencing the same issues for multiple reasons; they took numerous steps to fix the issues but were unable to do it manually. Thus, they collaborated with us to find the right and accurate solution to speed up the website loading speed.

Solution Offered:

Boosting Website Loading Speed With Website Speedy, A SaaS-Based Tool.

Having a fast website is super important for keeping customers and growing your business. Botti Beauty & Relax asked us for help when their website was too slow. After they agreed, we used our tool, Website Speedy, to speed things up.

Website Speedy did a great job. We organized things better and got rid of stuff that wasn't needed, which made the website much faster. We also made changes to the code to make sure the website worked well on computers and phones.

We made sure the images on the website were the right size, so they loaded quickly without losing quality. Our goal was to make it easy for people to use Botti Beauty & Relax's website and have a good time.

Now, credit goes to Website Speedy; Botti Beauty & Relax's website loads fast on computers and phones, making it easy for users to explore. A quick website makes people want to stay and check out more, like a friendly person at the door.

With Website Speedy, Botti Beauty & Relax has a faster and better online presence, helping them grow their business.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Since We Started:

Therefore, in order to fix every major issue with the website and shorten its loading time, we used the Website Speedy tool. The brand now provides the best user experience and the quickest loading times on all platforms. This is how our attempts to shorten loading times helped to raise brand awareness.

The % increase in Botti Beauty & Relax loading speed is shown by these results.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 29 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 29 pts.
 Beauty Before Homepage Mobile Banner
Beauty After Homepage Mobile Banner
Beauty Before Homepage Desktop Banner
Beauty After Homepage Desktop Banner

Collection Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 30 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 31 pts.
Beauty Before About us Mobile Page
Beauty After About us Mobile Page
Beauty Desktop Before About us page
Beauty Desktop After About us page

Product Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 30 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 21 pts.
Beauty Before Blog Mobile Page
Beauty After Blog Mobile Page
Beauty Desktop Before Blog page
Beauty Desktop After Blog page
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