Fixing AshJoy Website Loading Delay’s to Enhance Brand Visibility & Loading Speed

Business Brief:

AshJoy Online Boutique, a place for people who love fashion. It's not just a brand; they focus on making everyone feel good about themselves, boosting confidence, and being inclusive, especially for women.

Their mission is simple but strong, they provide trendy, top-notch clothing that makes each woman feel truly unique, with positive messages included. They are known for providing fashion that's distinctive, stylish, and top quality, all without sacrificing your personal style.

Problem Statement:

Facing Slow Website Loading Issues Leads To Multiple Challenges

Imagine trying to watch a video, but it keeps pausing and takes forever to load. That was the problem for AshJoy, their website was acting slow, making it a hassle for individuals who just wanted to enjoy and buy cool products.

AshJoy faced a challenge: their website was being a bit sluggish, causing frustration for people who wanted to smoothly enjoy the products. They reached out to us for help, and we are now in the process of making their website faster. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can easily and happily explore the awesome products on AshJoy without any annoying delays.

Solution Offered:

Optimizing Website Loading Speed With Best Speed Optimization Tool: Website Speedy

Having a website that loads fast is like making sure your store door opens quickly for customers. It keeps them satisfied and promotes business development. As, AshJoy store was loading slowly on the user browser and was wanting to speed it up, we analyzed their site.

So, with their permission, we used our tool, Website Speedy, to speed things up. Our tool worked like a helpful assistant, organizing things neatly and removing anything that wasn't necessary on the website. This made AshJoy's website load much faster. After using Website Speedy, the website worked smoothly on phones and computers, making visitors enjoy their time.

But our tool didn't just stop there, it also made sure the images on the website loaded quickly and removed any additional things that weren't needed. Now, after our help, AshJoy's website runs faster on all types of web browsers, whether people are using a phone or a computer. A quick-loading website is like having a friendly face for your customers, and our tool made sure AshJoy had just that in no time.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • Lazy Loading
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Since We Started:

As a result, we improved the site's loading speed and resolved all of its main problems by using Website Speedy. The brand is now offering the greatest user experience and loading quickly on all devices. This is how increasing loading speed through our efforts helped to increase brand visibility.

Here are the results of how we improved the AshJoy loading speed with the percentage.

Home Page

Page Speed Insight

  • Mobile: Increased by 50 pts.
  • Desktop: Increased by 36 pts.
discounted Cables Before Homepage Mobile Banner
discounted Cables After Homepage Mobile Banner
discounted Cables Before Homepage Desktop Banner
discounted Cables After Homepage Desktop Banner
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